Web Design and User Interface Design

There are multiple ways for brands to keep their value algorithms at the top levels.

One of the key elements that every business with brand value consciousness should pay attention to is interface design. The interface is the technology that shapes the backbone of web design, forms the skeleton, and provides users with a quality navigation experience. Interface designers, often referred to as User Interfacers, begin by creating suitable interface designs for their projects using specific design programs. Alternatively, they may take inspiration from interfaces that customers like, translating their imagination and desires into the online environment using their own creativity and unique perspectives.


What’s Responsive (Mobile Compatibility) ?

Creating the value algorithm in your brand involves various factors, as we mentioned. One of the most important factors among these is ensuring that your design opens in a compatible way on mobile devices, which can boost your ranking on Google. When we talk about mobile compatibility, it encompasses your interface adapting to different screen sizes and aspect ratios, from smartphones and tablets to netbooks, notebooks, and even large desktop displays. The goal is to enhance the user experience, increase the time spent on your site, and make positive design elements encourage users to explore different pages.

Our goal is simply to apply the factors that will genuinely elevate you to the top positions in the rankings to your conceptual projects. Nothing more.

We’ve made the site or project mobile-friendly. Is that all there is to it? Is this enough to rank higher? In response to these questions, we’d say, “We wish it were that simple.” Responsive designs, which means mobile compatibility, are not the sole factor to propel you to the top positions on Google or other search engines like Yandex or Bing. It can help you climb a few steps, but I must emphasize that these existing steps are substantial in reaching your goals. So, what are the other factors?

I call it: “Time Stones”

Let’s assume you have very valuable stones in your hands. They are all colorful and in a bag. If we assume they stay in the bag, do they have any meaning for you? Of course, they do, but do they mean anything to others when you step out of the circle? No. Now, let’s take the stones out of the bag and spread them out. There are thousands of colorful stones. They all look very beautiful. But they are just aware of their existence. Do they convey any meaning? No. They are still beautiful and only mean something to you. Unless you tell others about the meanings, everyone can attach their own meanings to these stones with their own imaginations. Now, let’s move on to this stage. What happens when you arrange the stones in a specific aesthetic, specific order (like a painting, an object, etc.) to fit your project in your mind? Here’s what happens:

Everyone, when faced with these stones loaded with meaning, stops imagining and focuses on one thing: whether they fit into your vision or not. They focus on how beautiful your art is and how beautifully you execute it. They spend time with these stones, which is why they are called time stones.


When we bring your projects to the digital world, we design interfaces taking into account how meaningful your time stones are and how much time people will spend at the forefront. We aim for the interfaces we create to appeal to everyone. When we see how much time individual visitors spend on each page and analyze that the navigation between pages is spread throughout the site, we share your happiness.

If you are ready for a wide-ranging project planning process that includes interfaces prepared for your websites, SEO work, Google integrations, mobile compatibility, server response times, fast loading of your site, online sales actions, process tracking and reporting, and much more that comes to your mind, we are here to provide support. There is no reason not to ask any questions that come to your mind.



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