SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engines Optimization

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SEO = Search Engine Optimization, stands for Search Engines Optimization.
SEO is the most important factor in increasing the traffic to your site.
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Why Should I Do SEO?

You have a website built, but not enough organic visitors come to your site, or you cannot make sales. At this point, one of the most important factors in SEO studies.
Your website may seem very beautiful, but this does not increase the number of visitors, on the contrary, if the wrong methods are applied, even a handicap may occur in terms of SEO. Therefore, although the visual quality of your site is essential, it is substantial that your site has an SEO-compatible infrastructure and is configured as SEO-friendly.
After the search engines scan your website, it saves your site in their database if you have done ideal SEO work. When the relevant words are searched by the customers later, you will be at the forefront of the search results. In this case, more visitors will come to your site.
The work that needs to be done while setting up your website is the fundament SEO work. It is substantial for continuity that the overall structure is SEO compatible.


We create an ideal SEO structure with special techniques.


We use technologies suitable for up-to-date algorithms.

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Things to Consider in SEO Studies


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First of all, your site needs to know its existence. We can call it ‘ to crawl’ After your website is crawled, bots will visit it constantly. The indexing phase is the part where the site is added to the search engine by us. This part may take place 1-2 days after the Crawl process, or it may take up to 80 days for the entire site to register in the search engine (depending on the number of pages). After the indexing phase, it is determined that the site will be displayed in the Query section. A site can go from last place to the top, or if it is found to be spam, it can be deleted completely.
After fundament SEO work is done, we make analyses, statistics, and measurements according to your industry and target audience. As a result, we create a custom SEO strategy for you. The work to be done takes place in the fields of website, social media, blog, sectoral sites, etc.
If you want to have a strong SEO (Search Engines Optimization) infrastructure on your website, or to be at the top of the searches of Google, Yandex, etc., and to increase the number of visitors to my website, you are in the right place.

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