Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy aims to clarify how we collect and use information during your use of 360 Design software and services.


“Customer” or “Client” means a 360 Design customer. “Customer Data” means the personal data, notes, reports, addresses, and other documents stored by a User within 360 Design. “Personal Data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. “You” or “User” means a Customer or a representative of the Customer who uses the software and services provided by 360 Design. “Visitor” means a person other than a User who has access to the publicly accessible areas of 360 Design’s software and services.

Responsibilities and Consent

Any information stored on 360 Design servers is considered your property. We do not access or use this information for any purposes beyond providing our services, and we never share it with third parties. If you are located within the European Union, for all ‘Personal Data’ uploaded to 360 Design servers, we assume the role of a ‘Data Processor’ as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (‘GDPR’). You retain the ability to modify, delete, and adjust access permissions to this data as you see fit at any time. You have full control over the information stored on 360 Design servers. Consequently, 360 Design does not hold the responsibilities and obligations of a ‘Data Controller’ as defined by the GDPR, specifically for the collection and use of any Personal Data within Customer Data. We strive to provide support when you require assistance using 360 Design services and software. However, due to our stringent data protection measures, our support team may not have access to your registered information, limiting our ability to directly observe the issues you may encounter. Even in such cases, we advise against sharing your access passwords with our support staff. It is your responsibility to provide only the information and screen captures necessary to describe your issue, with all responsibility resting with you. When granting permission to one of our staff members for the purpose of receiving support services, you are responsible for ensuring the protection of your Personal Data. We collect information from various sources, including but not limited to our website, mobile interfaces, clients, third-party providers and websites, API, SMS, email, and other communication channels. By registering with 360 Design, you consent to the processing, storing, disclosure, and other utilization of this information in accordance with our Terms of Use and the provisions of this Policy.

Which Information Do We Collect ?

The Information Provided by You

When you use 360 Design services and software as a User or Visitor, we may collect Personal Data. These may include the following information: Personal registration details: When you register with 360 Design as a User, you may provide some information about yourself, your company, and your colleagues. This may include names, positions, phone numbers, email addresses, profession, language, and other details. Usernames and passwords: You choose a username and password to identify yourself as a user of 360 Design. This information is associated with your personal account. Company information: 360 Design may request information about your company, including industry, organizational structure, employees, business volume, locations, and more. Information about others: While using 360 Design services and software, you may enter and save information about others, whether they are 360 Design users or not. This information may be recorded to provide certain functions. These may include Customers’ customers, suppliers, service providers, contacts, and others. Data: Users can input various types of data into 360 Design, including meeting notes, comments, projects, scheduled events, activities, links, and others. Location: Occasionally, 360 Design may ask for or provide the option to enter location information. We may also determine your location using your network address or information provided by clients or service providers you use to access 360 Design. Social network connections: Information you or others input about you may be used to identify social network profiles and data. Links: You can enter external and internal web links into 360 Design. By using 360 Design services, you consent to the collection of all information in accordance with the Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy.

The Information Collected by You

During the use of 360 Design services and software, you may collect various information pertaining to your customers and users. The collection, use, and deletion of information stored on 360 Design are your responsibility, subject to laws and regulations.

Automatically Collected Information

While using 360 Design services and software, we may automatically record specific information from your device using various technologies, including cookies. Cookies are small data files that web browsers store on your devices. Both session and persistent cookies may be used to track service usage and provide certain functions. We may record all online activities and usage, including times, data transfers, and IP addresses.

Information Obtained Through Integrated Services

Storage, hosting, and, but not limited to, advertising delivery, among other aspects of the service, may be provided by our business partners and third parties. When utilizing their services, the use of your information is subject to the protections stated in this Policy. Certain services provided by third parties (such as connecting with your Google account) may offer the option to access or register with 360 Design using your username and password, or utilize other information to authorize an Integrated Service. Prior to connecting to 360 Design through such services, please carefully review the terms of use and privacy policies published by each Integrated Service provider.

Information Collected from Other Sources

We may obtain information from third parties, business partners, advertisers, and sources outside of 360 Design, including Personal Data. We may use the information we collect to deliver more targeted, relevant content and services. When using third-party services to deliver them, we ensure that no information that would lead to your personal identification is disclosed, and we handle Personal Data in accordance with this Policy.

How Do We Use the Information We Collect ?

We use the information we collect for the following purposes to ensure the continuity of the services provided by 360 Design:

Improving Our Operations

To improve the services provided by 360 Design, introduce new features and products, enhance functionality, understand your needs, respond to requests more efficiently, enhance our communication, improve our services, and diversify and develop our products and services, as well as fulfill reporting and other obligations, Personal Data may be stored and processed for these purposes. This service may be obtained from third parties.

Establishing Communication

We may use your email address and contact information to establish communication, provide support services, and deliver information related to the products and services we offer. We provide you with the right to opt out of such communications.

Providing Customized Services and Conducting Visitor Analyses

By using cookies, you won’t have to re-enter certain information during your use of 360 Design services and software. Additionally, we may use this information to personalize our services, provide customized advertisements, content, and information, as well as measure usage trends and habits.

Sharing of Information

Information You Share with Others

360 Design is a platform for information sharing. The information you share, including shared files, contacts, comments, and other data, will be made available to others according to your preferences. You should ensure that you understand how various settings, such as authorization options, affect the sharing of your information with others..

Service Providers

Storage, hosting, advertising delivery, website analytics, but not limited to these, some parts of the service can be provided by our business partners and third parties. When utilizing their services, the use of your information is subject to the protections stated in this policy.

Legal Disclosure and Prevention of Harm to Others

We respect the laws and regulations of the countries we operate in, and we may disclose information when a legitimate request is made by a law enforcement authority. If we have sufficient reason to believe that you are engaged in unlawful or harmful activities, we may disclose information to law enforcement authorities.

Change of Ownership

If 360 Design services and software are sold, purchased, or otherwise change hands, your information will be transferred to the new owner as part of the same process. The terms specified in this Policy will equally bind the new owner in such a situation.

Data Security

When you store your information on 360 Design servers, we follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the information you transmit. Within this scope, we take reasonable technical measures to protect Personal Data against all unauthorized uses, accesses, and abuses that are contrary to the law. In addition, in the event of any data security breach that may affect your data, we will inform you in accordance with applicable laws.

Your Rights

After receiving your requests related to your data, we will begin working on fulfilling your request, taking into account our internal procedures, and inform you in accordance with applicable laws. We respond to all inquiries within 30 days.

Privacy Policy Changes and Updates

BuWe may change this Policy at any time without prior notice. In some cases, we may notify you of significant changes via email or website announcements, but this is not mandatory. You can always review the current terms of the Policy on our website’s ‘Privacy’ page. When we make changes to the Policy, we will indicate the most recent revision date here.

How to Contact Us

For any questions or comments regarding this Policy, or any issues or complaints related to the use of Personal Information, you can contact us by sending an email to 

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