Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for using 360Design. The use of the 360Design website and services is subject to the Terms of Service outlined below. Please read these terms carefully before accepting them.

360Design Terms of Service

This document was last updated on July 4, 2018.

This document is a contract between you or the company you represent (‘You’ or ‘Customer’) and 360Design that outlines your rights to use the www.360dsgn.com website and all related 360Design products and services (‘360Design’ or ‘Services’). Since all terms are important and collectively form a legal agreement, you should read these Service Terms carefully before signing up for 360Design. By completing and submitting the 360Design membership form, you become bound by these Service Terms, and this contract becomes effective upon submission of the membership form. If you are using 360Design on behalf of your company or have ‘System Administrator’ level authority within your company’s 360Design account, you also agree to these Service Terms on behalf of your company and represent that you have the authority to do so.

360Design reserves the right to make changes or updates to the Terms of Service at any time without prior notice. You can always find the most up-to-date version of the Terms of Service at https://360dsgn.com.

Acceptable Use

By accepting these Service Terms and to be able to use the Services, you declare that you are of legal age and human in your place of residence. Automated user registrations and memberships or accounts opened by automated systems, with the goal of being used by dozens of people, are not considered valid under these terms. By accepting these Service Terms, you guarantee that the information you provide, including but not limited to your name, surname, email address, billing information, and all other information provided to 360Design, is real, legally accurate, and valid. You are responsible for keeping this information constantly up to date if it changes. Your username and password can only be used by one person. Sharing your username and password with other individuals is prohibited. You are responsible for the security of your username and password. If you fail to fulfill this security obligation, 360Design is not responsible for any data loss or damage that may occur, and cannot be held liable. If you suspect that your username or password has been taken over by someone else or learned by others, you must immediately change your password from a secure terminal and inform other users who may have been compromised. You may not register for or access these Services from any unauthorized location other than the www.360dsgn.com website. Automated registration or login methods are not allowed. All activities you perform using 360Design, including the servers where your information is stored, must comply with the laws of Turkey as well as the laws of the country where you reside and your company is affiliated. Any content shared with you by other users of these Services is provided to you ‘as is’ and is for your personal use only. Using, copying, reproducing, transferring, distributing, publishing, displaying, selling, licensing, or otherwise using such content without the owner’s approval is prohibited. You may not use these Services for any purpose beyond your authority or for unlawful purposes. By using these Services, you agree not to violate the laws of your country and Turkey, in addition to copyright laws. You guarantee that the files you upload and the content you add while using these Services do not contain viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, and other malicious software, among other things.

General Terms of Use

You use these Services at your own risk. These Services are provided to you “as is” and “as available.” You understand and agree that 360Design works with partners and third parties for various components, including but not limited to hardware, software, servers, networks, infrastructure, data centers, internet connections, and support elements, to provide these Services. Not limited to these, you understand and agree that the following activities are prohibited: Attempting to access parts of the system that are not open to your access, modify them, disrupt their function. Using 360Design for distributing malicious software, redirecting others to malicious websites, or using it in any way to compromise the data security of others. Activities such as uploading infected files, embedding malicious scripts, or saving links to malicious websites fall under this scope. Attempting to discover vulnerabilities in the system, violate security mechanisms, or disable any protective measures. Activities such as scanning and probing communication ports, attempting automatic serial entries, and related activities are included. Accessing the system’s resources in a way other than what is explicitly permitted by our website and allowed communication methods. Uploading and downloading to the system using unauthorized clients, middlewares, and services, scraping content prior to presentation, reformatting, or changing it for a different purpose. Modifying, adapting, collapsing, unauthorized entry into these Services, or falsely claiming that it is related to these Services without the express written approval of 360Design. Using 360Design for unauthorized submissions. Using 360Design to hide your identity, use a different identity, or send deceptive information. Sharing content that violates the rights of others, is deceptive, inaccurate, or counterfeit. Using the trademarks and names of others without permission. Reselling these Services. Storing, sharing, or sending any illegal content, or engaging in any illegal activities. Storing, sharing, or sending any content that promotes, portrays, or facilitates hatred toward any religious, ethnic, or racial group. You understand and accept that, for the technical requirements of connected networks or tools, some of your content may be transferred or stored unencrypted on public channels.

Payment, Refund, Membership Change

Subscribing to 360Design services is done by making payment on behalf of your company/yourself. Users with System Administrator privileges on your Company/Individual account can grant or revoke permissions to other users as needed. A valid credit card or bank account is required for paid 360Design’s services. By becoming a 360Design member, you agree to pay the monthly/yearly or one-time fees for these services to 360Design or the payment processors we authorize. Payments are collected monthly, yearly, or one-time for each service and are non-refundable. For the current services available on 360Design, unless you inform us that you want to cancel your subscription before the end of the period, future fees will be automatically charged to your credit card when due. No refunds or additional credits will be provided for partially used months, account changes, or months unused with an open account. Any changes made to your subscription take effect immediately. All fees are exclusive of taxes, and it is the Customer’s responsibility to pay any additional taxes. This service is provided from Turkey and is invoiced according to the legislation of this country.

Membership Suspension and Cancellation

When your account is suspended, your information will be preserved for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of suspension. If you decide to reactivate your account during this period, you can access your information after making the necessary subscription payment. If you do not reactivate your account during this time, all of your information may be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Customers are responsible for correctly canceling their accounts. Subscription cancellation requests sent via email or phone are not valid. You can cancel your subscription at any time by using the subscription cancellation link in the Control Panel menu. If you cancel your membership in the middle of the service period, the cancellation will take effect immediately, and you will not be billed again. 360Design reserves the right to close your account at any time, with or without prior notice, with or without specifying a reason, or to block your access to the entire account or a portion of it. Such closure of services may result in your account being suspended or deleted, your access to your account being blocked, and your waiver of all rights to the content in your account. 360Design reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.


360Design reserves the right to modify the Services or discontinue all or any part of the service temporarily or permanently with or without notice. 360Design shall not be held responsible for any changes or interruptions in the Services as described in these Service Terms. 360Design reserves the right to change fees or payment terms by providing notice at least thirty (30) days in advance. Such changes may be announced at any time through the www.360dsgn.com website or within the Services.

Copyrights, Registered Trademarks, and Allegations of Infringement

If you believe that any content on 360Design infringes a copyright or registered trademark, please inform us by filling out a Report a Concern form. Make sure to provide the following information: The copyrighted work or registered trademark in question The infringing content, preferably with its URL Your name, organization (if applicable), email, phone number, and legal mailing address Declare that you own the copyrighted work or registered trademark. Request the removal of this content from 360Design.

Advertisement and Sponsorship

We may collaborate with advertisers and sponsors to subsidize the cost of the services provided to you. You acknowledge that if there were no advertising and sponsorship revenues, the cost of this service would be much higher and, to keep the cost lower, you consent to us working with advertisers and sponsors. You must not interfere with the display of advertisements on the 360Design website and in the emails we send to you. To reduce the display of irrelevant advertisements, we may use certain profile information that you and your organization’s other users enter into 360Design. If we work with other advertising networks and partners for ad displays and sponsorships, we may share some information about you and your company with these entities in a way that does not reveal your identity. Your contact information, individual names, phone numbers, email addresses, and files will not be shared with advertisers and sponsors. We are not responsible for the messages of advertisers and sponsors.

Limitation of Liability and Warranty

The Services are provided as is. 360Design, its suppliers, and licensors make no warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement with respect to the services. 360Design, its suppliers, and representatives, including but not limited to the following, do not guarantee that: The Services are error-free. Access to the Services is uninterrupted and continuous. The Services will meet your specific requirements. The quality of the Services and products will meet your expectations. And that any errors in the Services will be corrected. 360Design, its suppliers, and representatives reserve the right to stop or limit your use of the Services at any time without notice due to maintenance, repair, update work, or other reasons. 360Design is not responsible for any interruptions or data loss that may occur during this time. Under no circumstances will 360Design, its suppliers, and licensors be liable for any special, direct, or indirect damages, alternative products and services, interruptions in use, data loss, or corruption, or any amount exceeding the amount you paid to 360Design or its appointed payment processor for these services in the three (3) months prior to the relevant situation, regardless of the legal theory of contract, negligence, liability, or other legal theory. 360Design has no obligation due to matters beyond its reasonable control. The above applies to the extent permitted by law. The failure to enforce any provision of these Terms does not imply that the provision is invalid. The Terms of Service govern your use of the Services and constitute the agreement between you and 360Design, replacing any previous agreements, including previous versions of the Terms of Service. We, our employees, managers, representatives, suppliers, directly or indirectly (including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of data, unauthorized access, legal fees), are not responsible for your damages and their compensation or indemnification in any case, and in any case, our total liability is limited to the payments you made to us within the ninety (90) calendar days before the claim was made.

Terms and Termination

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Terms of Service, you can contact us by sending an email to info@360tasarim.com

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