It’s 2019, and Winamp is back!

The long-standing best music player, Winamp, is gearing up for a stable and fantastic comeback in 2019. It will be available as an iOS app and an Android app.

If you remember, Winamp, with its history dating back to the late 1990s, used to be the music player platform many of us used. Now, it wants to take the stage again after rising from the ashes! The company decided to shut down towards the end of 2013 but changed ownership, preventing the closure. In 2014, with the change in ownership, it narrowly escaped closure. However, it started gathering dust on the shelves without further development and lost its popularity.

In 2014, Radionomy acquired the company, setting Winamp on its journey to revival. According to the company’s statements about Winamp, it seems like users are looking for a streamlined experience channel, and Winamp is working on an infrastructure that enables users to listen to their MP3s not just locally but also through a cloud-based system, making them accessible from anywhere. The new Winamp is also expected to include podcasts, radio stations, and custom playlists.

By the time 2019 rolls around, Winamp will be announcing its new version and will be available through iOS and Android apps. Additionally, they plan to launch applications for macOS systems and desktop Windows systems. In the face of these moves, they have some tough competitors to contend with, such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and the recently active Apple Music, Fizy, and more. We’ll all see how they will respond to these formidable rivals. Now, let’s leave you with a few comments we’ve gathered to gauge reactions to this news.

  • “Winamp was probably the most used software for me, and I think they still haven’t managed to create something as user-friendly and useful as Winamp.” – Ahmet Doğanay
  • “Still one of my favorite programs.” – Murat Cihangir 
  • “Even Apple Music couldn’t narrow down Spotify’s market. I think these are unrealistic hopes.” – Engin Gül 
  • “I hope it makes a comeback; I’d still use it, my old buddy :)” – Baran Can Aydın
  • “I’m expecting a ‘what am I listening to?’ feature on WhatsApp Web.” – Serkan Yüksel


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