Samsung, Huawei, and Qualcomm Will Collaborate on The New Video Coding Standard MPEG-5 EVC

The final version of the video coding standard MPEG-5 EVC, which has been under development since 2018, has been released. The release of MPEG-5 seems to have garnered approval from Huawei, Samsung, and Qualcomm. These three companies have stated that they will work together to promote the adoption of the new standard.

The Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) released the final version of the video coding standard MPEG-5 EVC in April. MPEG-5 EVC is expected to be a suitable video encoder for advanced coding performance and enhanced delivery protocols for high-quality videos. It is also expected to offer significantly improved compression capabilities.


MPEG-5 EVC’s advanced features are expected to open the door to the development of new displays, enabling us to access even higher-level products in terms of viewing 4K, 8K, HDR, virtual reality, and augmented reality content.

The three companies also stated that they will announce the licensing terms that will determine the MPEG-5 EVC standard within a maximum of two years from the publication date of the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS).