Client: Akfil Makina Ltd Şti
Services: Coorparate İdenty, Web Design, Promotional Video, Photography, Graphic Design

01. Process

They chose to climb the uphill steps in the Hand Drilling sector with us.

For Elsondaj.com, first  we created a corporate identity. Then we prepared the appearance of the website, interface development processes and infrastructure. We have followed the linkage and integration processes required to make online sales and installment shopping online.

Then the process of preparing the visuals of the products began. The process continued with the revision of existing product images. Existing studies have been carried out to transfer all products to digital media and to bring them ready for sale. Google has been scrutinized in the process of records and SEO compliance. And Elsondaj continues to rise rapidly in the first year.

02. Integration Phase

With the integration of the products with the system and the completion of the Google Merchant records, the infrastructure works of the adwords process and the digital marketing process were completed. SEO optimization in the infrastructure has been eliminated and Google optimization has been kept to a maximum.

03. Mobile Solutions

The average measurements made in 2018 are no longer used to log on to the website as much as before.
Mobile usage is quite increased. Considering these details, it was inevitable for us to work on mobile at Elsondaj.com

04. Some Useful Information

When we say Digital Marketing, it is considered a short way of choosing a ready package from the internet and uploading the products in a collective manner and switching to the sales process. But is this the process?

Importance of Digital Partner rather than Digital Marketing

When we come to the idea of stepping into E-Commerce and when we start to dream, we try to be involved in the process with a sound project in our minds. We immediately select a package, install or install products on the system and complete the process, and imagine the volume of sales will occur. But it doesn’t go as we thought. Because one of the most important building blocks of digital marketing in E-Commerce is the team or Digital Partner. When we don’t have a right partner or if we don’t have the right team, the result is frustrating.

Brand Value

What is required to create a brand value? Should a brand value be established before or after Digital Marketing? Or let’s ask. Should the child think his name after he was born, or should the name debate begin when the mother is still in the womb? We need to find answers to these questions first in order to produce brand value. In fact, the answer is very simple. One of the most important bridges, even the first bridges, is the brand that ends in the project. With the right brand awareness and the right calculations, if the team members have the task sharing that can make the necessary improvements, the brand value will increase every day.

05. Visit

You can visit Elsondaj immediately. Below you will find all the details we need to review our reference.

Client: Akfil Makina Ltd Şti
Services: Coorparate İdenty, Web Design, Promotional Video, Photography, Graphic Design
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