Villa Kırkpınar

As the last generation of the family, we are pleased to welcome you adopting the Circassian hospitality as a principle with our all-female team in our accommodation facility consisting of detached villas, which we founded with the name of Villa Kırkpınar on these heirloom lands.

Akbalık Madencilik

Akbalık Madencilik was founded in 1970 by our father Rifat AKBALIK. Akbalık Madencilik which started with Transport Sector in those years; then continued to rise in the coal trading sector.

In our current address in 1988; We strive to satisfy our factories, farms, apartments and individual customers for half a century with the principles of trust and loyalty.

Windeck Plastik

Windeck Plastik is always an innovative and researching organization. Our aim is to think and realize things that are not considered. We are excited to put our existing projects into production as soon as possible. It is always our goal to produce better and will always remain.

With our R & D investments, we are expanding and renewing both domestic and international volume. As Windeck, we work continuously for our vision and mission. We are adding new projects to our corporate customer portfolio every day. In order to make our success sustainable, we always stand by our corporate customer portfolio with quality and innovative solutions!