A New Feature from Google for Videos

Google recently introduced a new feature in video search results, which is of great interest to YouTubers. This feature, known as “Key Moments,” is currently available only for English videos but is expected to be extended to other countries shortly. This feature is particularly significant for social media, and its purpose can be summarized as follows:

When watching YouTube videos, there is a timeline bar at the bottom of the video player. As the video progresses, the timeline moves along with it. In this timeline, we will now be able to see important moments marked for reference. Thanks to this feature, Google enables us to easily identify and access crucial moments within videos.

Why is “Key Moments” important ?

YouTube, which contributes to the growth of many audiences, especially young people, continues to increase its activity day by day. This feature, effective for video SEO, allows you to track and measure how well the important moments you’ve marked perform in search results.



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