Google Released a New Augmented Reality Tool for Social Distance

During the coronavirus pandemic, Google has released a next-generation augmented reality tool called Sodar that allows for the accurate adjustment of one of the crucial measures, social distancing. This augmented reality tool can be used on all Android devices through Chrome.

Social distancing, one of the primary measures to be taken against the coronavirus, is the most fundamental precaution to avoid getting infected by the virus. Google has released a new tool for social distancing, which many people are actively trying to implement in their daily lives.

Google’s tool, named Sodar, displays the commonly recommended distance of 2 meters for social distancing as a circular line. The points inside the 2-meter circular line on Sodar indicate the appropriate social distancing area.

To try Sodar, which currently only works on Android devices through Chrome, you need to scan the QR code available on Sodar’s website with your phone. After scanning the QR code, you’ll need to grant the permissions requested by the augmented reality application. Once permission is granted, Sodar uses the camera to display social distance on the screen.