aiWARE: The World’s First Artificial Intelligence Operating System

company based in the United States, Veritone, has developed the world’s first artificial intelligence-powered operating system. This system, named “aiWARE,” runs artificial intelligences instead of running programs. According to Veritone, it greatly simplifies the task of operating artificial intelligence systems.

With the advancements in computers today, artificial intelligence has gained significant importance. Companies are now placing great emphasis on AI-driven tasks because it’s a fact that AI makes their services both more cost-effective and higher in quality. Furthermore, there is a reduced need for human labor. As a result, artificial intelligence has become a prime target for many investors. In fact, it’s said that for most companies, especially those with a focus on software, it’s challenging to survive without artificial intelligence.

So, what does aiWARE promise us?

If we look at it from the perspective of computer or phone logic, operating systems are responsible for bringing together the hardware of devices and executing the given commands. However, in aiWARE, instead of executing commands to run Microsoft Word, you are running artificial intelligence.

aiWARE, the world’s first artificial intelligence operating system, appears to be exciting to everyone. Whether this system will become indispensable in the future or fall short of its value, we will all find out together.